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We received it was gorgeous. Exactly what we wanted!! Thank you. I will do business again in the future.

Michael Lu

Great product, we love it! Thank you!

Laura Economos

I received my desk name plate. It is beautiful! Thank you for your patience in getting it the way I wanted it.

Donna Enriquez

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Jaimey Wilman

Thanks for your prompt service. I certainly will keep you in mind in the future.

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Stephen Polland


Corporate Desk Name Plates

It's hard to find the good stuff. We only carry top of the line Desk Name Plates. The are made out of Jade Crystal, Black Marble, Green Marble, Rosewood finished wood with brass engraving plates, Cherry and Walnut Desk Name Plates. These are perfect for the corporate office and will stay beautiful for years to come.

Marble Desk Name Plates

Black Marble Desk Name PlateOur Marble Desk Name Plates are solid marble. Most come with a slot at the top for business cards. You will see occasional white streaks of calisite through the marble making each one unique. The marble desk name plates are all natural stone of high quality.

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Crystal Desk Name Plates

Crystal Jade Desk Name PlateOur Crystal Desk Name plates are made with jade crystal. They all have a natural green shade to them. The real advantage to crystal name plates is they will go with any desk and office color. We etch the crystal leaving a white frosted image on the crystal - very elegant!

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Rosewood Finished Desk Name Plates

Rosewood Finish Desk Name PlateOur Rosewood Finished Desk Name Plates all come with a black brass engraving plate. When we laser engrave - a gold brass engraving appears. This makes them very easy to read from a distance. The Rosewood finish has a very high polish to them and the wood seems to glow. This will make any desk look very professional!

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Walnut Desk Name Plates

Walnut Desk Name PlateOur Walnut Desk Name Plates can be engraved by different methods. Some we add a gold colored brass plate. The plate we print black letters into the surface lacquer surface of the brass. We can also laser engrave the walnut desk plate. Here we attach a gold foil to the surface and then laser engraving leaving beautiful gold foil letters on the surface of the desk name plate.

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Cherry Desk Name Plates

Our Cherry Desk Name Plates we laser engrave right into the cherry wood. Cherry when laser engraved gives a great contrast to the desk name plate surface - a very classy look for any office setting.

Bamboo Desk Name Plates

Bamboo Desk Name PlateBamboo is a enviornmentally friendly product. Our bamboo desk name plates have a honey finish on them. This gives a warm look to the bamboo. When we laser bamboo, the lettering becomes dark showing up very well on the bamboo surface. The natural joints of the bamboo show on the surface. If you want a enviornmentally friendly office, this is the desk name plate for you and it looks great!

Cross Desk Sets

Maybe you are not looking for a desk name plate. We also carry Cross Desk Sets. These are beautiful and look elegant on any corporate office desk. Choose from several different styles - makes a great corporate gift for promotions.